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UNATTENDED BAGGAGE is a collective of writers, directors, producers, visual artists, theater makers, filmmakers, actors, sound designers, and everything in between with an emphasis on LGBT/Queer artists and subject material.


Our goal is to create engaging live performances and creative, subversive content primarily based out of New York and Philadelphia, and sometimes beyond. We reject the notion that we must be categorized into one box (or suitcase). We pair theater with science, technology, sound and visual media. We make exploratory theater that draws from unlikely source materials that can be characterized as genre work: documentary/autobiographical/historical texts, horror/sci-fi, and the exploration of subcultures. We have performed everywhere from bedrooms, kitchens, the streets of New York, to traditional (and non traditional) theater spaces. We create memorable and engaging theatrical work for (and by) underrepresented communities. So far, we've performed in NYC, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Where should we lay our bags down next?


We're a little sardonic, a little serious, and a little weird and that's how we like it. 


Artistic Director

A godless left-handed Scorpio from New Jersey who works in  documentary theatre, horror theatre, comedy, musicals and site-specific work. He's put on plays everywhere from double-wide trailers in North Carolina to Theatre Row and 54 Below to the streets of Wall Street. He identifies as a teaching artist, director, writer, performance artist, and collage-maker. He enjoys theatre history, under-appreciated musicals, the general aesthetic of 70's, conspiracy theories, and watching videos of Dr. Jean.​



Consulting Producer

A creative producer, writer, and director living in Brooklyn, NY. Recent theater credits include American JuggaloA Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Paegent: In Concert, The Bed Show, Super Short Site Specific Festival, I'm Smiling Because I'm Uncomfortable, and Cheaper, Faster, Garbage Food (GREED PLAY). In addition to theater, she has directed, written and produced several short films and web-series. Currently, she works as a production coordinator on Netflix's Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj and is working on a zine titled "For Your Consideration." 



Artistic Director

New York-based director, sound designer, composer, and producer. He has created and devised original work in and around NYC at venues including HERE Arts Center, The Brick, LEIMAY’s SOAK, The Hive, Redwood Studios, and The Jersey City Theatre Center. His designs have been heard at venues including the Public Theatre, HERE Arts Center, The Performing Garage, and the Brick. Drew has worked as an associate with the PROTOTYPE Festival and produced works for LEIMAY.



Founding Member

An interdisciplinary theatre artist, which means that she is unemployed. Before not having a job, she made coffee for wealthy people. Now, she goes to therapy and does her dishes during the daytime, and reads Facebook in the evening. Most of her theatre work addresses binge eating, grief, trauma, and the diet industrial complex. She finds it hard to motivate herself because of her brain and the general state of the world and is very grateful to have great friends and collaborators who help make the art happen. She went to college once, cries a healthy amount, and got a 5 on her AP French test in high school.


Artistic Director

A theater creator-director-designer from New York City. His artistic interests include working with unusual source materials, exploring technology/multimedia in performance, and honoring queer icons. Dmitri's work has been seen throughout New York at Ars Nova, the 14 St Y, La MaMa, New Ohio, Cloud City, BRIC, and other hubs of experimental new work, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe. Dmitri is Artist-in-Residence at Playmachine Theater Lab, a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and a 2019-2020 Production Fellow at New York Theater Workshop. BA, The New School. mxbarcomi.com


Founding Member

A born and bred Brooklynite who is working as a sex educator and freelance director. Theater credits include The Bed Show, I'm Smiling Because I'm Uncomfortable (NYC), ReEntry Theater Program, Good Boys and True, and Fried Bacon (Ithaca, NY).


You can find her people watching, reading feminist theory, and wondering whatever happened to her Sims.