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UNATTENDED BAGGAGE is a nebulous ever-changing experimental collective of writers, directors, producers, visual artists, theater makers, filmmakers, actors, sound designers, and everything in between.


Since our inception in 2017, Unattended Baggage has traditionally focused on live performance. We acknowledge that our artistic sensibilities are constantly in flux, and as of May 2021, we are focusing on a mix of live performance pieces, film and television based projects, and hybrid media. We are currently producing a Season of Comedy, and will announce our forthcoming projects on a rolling basis.

Our sensibilities are traditionally queer, subversive, and as it pertains to live performance, sometimes site-specific/environmental or site-responsive. We are interested in catering to queer folx, punks, the working class, weirdos, nerds, and geeks. We’re interested in fun (but we don’t necessarily shy away from making serious subject material, either). In the past our work has run the gamut from docu-theatre, absurdism, musical works, autobiographical stories, dark comedy, and Geek Theatre (specifically in the areas of horror and science fiction). Our work is inherently experimental and often blends tones and genres.

We reject the notion that we must be categorized into one box (or suitcase). Also, we like to be nomadic. So far, we've performed in NYC, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Edinburgh, Scotland (in a co production with Section 175). Where should we lay our bags down next? Drop us a line. We’ll get our travel tickets, pack up our bags, and get there as soon as possible.

Lastly, we believe Black Lives Matter and are currently striving to support more non-white artists and collaborators. We realize that we need to do better and commit to being vocally anti-racist in our work and practices. As of right now, our goal is by 2023 to increase producing work by (and featuring) Black, Brown, Indigenous, and AAPI artists by 50%. We will also commit to diversity trainings and workshops for all of our projects when our budget allows.

We are also aiming to increase diversity in our core artistic leadership. In the interest of transparency, the way our collective operates is somewhat anarchistic and inconsistent. Therefore, our projects are historically low budget and we have often relied on volunteer work and grassroots funding to make our projects happen. This is all to say, we have been limited in the amounts we have been able to compensate our artists. While we acknowledge that capitalism has put us in this unfortunate position, we are aiming to secure funding and become more inclusive in our leadership positions and artistic content as much as possible. We also have no desire to exploit Black, Brown, Indigenous and AAPI artists and administrators in leadership roles on a volunteer-basis just so we can say we’re a diverse company. We promise to continue to reasses and shift our core artistic structure on an ongoing basis, as the need for more administrators evolves and as we continue to secure proper funding in addition to building relationships with more members of the Black, Brown, Indigenous and AAPI communities.


Artistic Director/Founding Member

A godless left-handed Scorpio from New Jersey who mostly works in  documentary theatre, Geek theatre, comedy, musicals, site-specific work and sometimes serious stuff. He enjoys theatre history, under-appreciated musicals, the general aesthetic of 70's, conspiracy theories, and watching videos of Dr. Jean.​ He is currently an MFA Candidate at LIU Brooklyn. You can check out his Instagram account dedicated to obscure musicals at @forgottenmusicals.



Founding Member/Artistic Associate

New York-based director, sound designer, composer, and producer. He has created and devised original work in and around NYC at venues including HERE Arts Center, The Brick, LEIMAY’s SOAK, The Hive, Redwood Studios, and The Jersey City Theatre Center. His designs have been heard at venues including the Public Theatre, HERE Arts Center, The Performing Garage, and the Brick. Drew has worked as an associate with the PROTOTYPE Festival and produced works for LEIMAY. He is currently an MFA Candidate at CalArts.



Artistic Associate

A theater creator-director-designer from New York City. His artistic interests include working with unusual source materials, exploring technology/multimedia in performance, and honoring queer icons. Dmitri's work has been seen throughout New York at Ars Nova, the 14 St Y, La MaMa, New Ohio, Cloud City, BRIC, and other hubs of experimental new work, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe. Dmitri is Artist-in-Residence at Playmachine Theater Lab, a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and a 2019-2020 Production Fellow at New York Theater Workshop. BA, The New School. MFA, Columbia University. mxbarcomi.com


Founding Member/Consulting Producer

A creative producer, writer, and director living in Brooklyn, NY. Recent theater credits include American JuggaloA Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Paegent: In Concert, The Bed Show, Super Short Site Specific Festival, I'm Smiling Because I'm Uncomfortable, and Cheaper, Faster, Garbage Food (GREED PLAY). In addition to theater, she has directed, written and produced several short films and web-series. Currently, she works as a production coordinator on Netflix's Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj and is working on a zine titled "For Your Consideration." 



Founding Member/Artistic Associate

An interdisciplinary theatre artist, which means that she is unemployed. Before not having a job, she made coffee for wealthy people. Now, she goes to therapy and does her dishes during the daytime, and reads Facebook in the evening. Most of her theatre work addresses binge eating, grief, trauma, and the diet industrial complex. She finds it hard to motivate herself because of her brain and the general state of the world and is very grateful to have great friends and collaborators who help make the art happen. She went to college once, cries a healthy amount, and got a 5 on her AP French test in high school.