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UNATTENDED BAGGAGE is a nebulous ever-changing experimental collective of writers, directors, producers, visual artists, theater makers, filmmakers, actors, sound designers, and everything in between.


Since our inception in 2017, Unattended Baggage has traditionally focused on live performance. However, we acknowledge that our artistic sensibilities are constantly in flux. Therefore, as of May 2021, we are focusing on a mix of live performance pieces, film and television-based projects, and hybrid media. We are currently producing a Season of Comedy.

Our sensibilities are traditionally queer, subversive, and related to live performance, sometimes site-specific/environmental or site-responsive. We are interested in catering to queer folx, punks, the working class, weirdos, nerds, and geeks. We’re interested in fun (but we don’t necessarily shy away from making serious subject material, either). In the past, our work has run the gamut from docu-theatre, absurdism, musical works, autobiographical stories, dark comedy, and Geek Theatre (specifically in the areas of horror and science fiction). Our work is inherently experimental and often blends tones, genres, and mediums.

We reject the notion that we must be categorized into one box (or suitcase). Also, we like to be nomadic. We've performed in NYC, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Edinburgh, Scotland (co-production with Section 175). So, where should we lay our bags down next? Drop us a line. We’ll get our travel tickets, pack up our bags, and get there as soon as possible.

Without compromise, we believe Black Lives Matter. We strive to support more non-white artists and collaborators. We know that we have to do, need to do, and want to do better. We commit to being vocally anti-racist in our work and practices. As of right now, our goal is by 2024 to increase producing work by (and featuring) Black, Brown, Indigenous, and AAPI artists by 50%. We will also commit to diversity training and workshops for all of our projects when our budget allows.


We also aim to increase non-white artists in our core artistic leadership. In the interest of radical transparency, the way our collective operates is somewhat anarchistic and inconsistent. Therefore, our projects are historically low budget and we have often relied on volunteer work and grassroots funding to make our projects happen. This is all to say, we have been limited in the amounts we have been able to compensate our artists and staff (at this time we are only able to provide small honorariums/stipends, meals every once in a while, and school credit, if necessary) and essentially operate on a project-by-project basis. For better or for worse, we are incredibly DIY which does impact our fundraising model and revenue stream quite a bit. While we acknowledge that capitalism has put us in this unfortunate position, we are aiming to secure more funding and become more inclusive in our leadership positions and artistic content as much as possible in the future.


For this reason, we also have no desire to exploit Black, Brown, Indigenous, and AAPI artists and administrators in leadership roles on a volunteer basis just so we can say we’re a diverse company. We promise to continue to reassess and shift our core artistic structure on an ongoing basis, as the need for more administrators evolves and as we continue to secure proper funding in addition to building relationships with more members of the Black, Brown, Indigenous, and AAPI communities.

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SEAN POLLOCK (he/they)

Artistic Director + Founding Member 


NYC based director, writer, creative producer, designer, and sometimes performer for theatre, film, and TV. Sean is a godless left-handed double Scorpio Pisces moon from New Jersey who works in multiple genres and mediums. They refuse to creatively be defined or pigeonholed. Theatre highlights include: Carrie: The Musical (US College Premiere, Ithaca College), Phantom Of The Paradise: In Concert (World Premiere, Secret Loft) and Hazelwood Jr. High (First NYC revival, Mayday Space). Film/TV/Web Series highlights include: Sexy Nerd Stuff, The Omega-3: A Musical Adventure (forthcoming; co-produced with American Lore Theatre and the Museum of Natural History). Founder of Macabre Theatre Ensemble, a resident student theatre company at Ithaca College. Training: Ithaca College, NTI. They are currently an MFA Candidate at LIU Brooklyn/Steiner Studios studying TV Writing and Producing. You can check out their Instagram account dedicated to obscure musicals at @forgottenmusicals and their personal account at @seanp_yo.



EMMA HOWARD (they/them)

Artistic Associate + Founding Member


Writer and theatre artist based out of Baltimore, Maryland. They studied theatre at the TSOA/Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU and made work with friends and collaborators in NYC for a few years after graduating. They love physical theatre and clowning and try to bring elements of the comical and absurd into all their work. Their last Unattended Baggage project was I’m Smiling Because I’m Uncomfortable, a site-specific show about their eating disorder that took place in kitchens around NYC. 


ELLA MARTIN (she/her) 

General Intern

Current Arts Administration student at Wagner College but also a singer, actor, director, earth advocate, and free spirit. Originally from Blue Bell, PA, she has loved all things theatre since she was three years old and running frantically in circles to “A Spoonful of Sugar.” She believes that art can play a huge role in creating meaningful connection and achieving equity and justice. 



IMG_6560 2.jpg


Production Intern


Nathalie Gregoire (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based dancer, actress, and singer who is all about creativity studying at Medgar Evers College in their BFA in Media and Performing Arts program. She believes that invention allows for the artistic freedom for untold stories to be heard/explored and loves to produce work that evokes transformation and enlightenment. In the past, she has helped create content and run shows for Calvary Baptist Church. Currently, she is producing and hosting the TV show Arts Alive, which will be airing on the MEC-CUNY Television Station at the end of the semester. She can't wait to live a life filled with creativity, artistic expression, and being a part of interdisciplinary projects. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.52.44 PM.png


Artistic Associate + Founding Member


Los Angeles and New York-based director, sound designer, composer, and producer. He has created and devised original work in and around NYC at venues including HERE Arts Center, The Brick, LEIMAY’s SOAK, The Hive, Redwood Studios, and The Jersey City Theatre Center. His designs have been heard at venues including the Public Theatre, HERE Arts Center, The Performing Garage, and the Brick. Drew has worked as an associate with the PROTOTYPE Festival and produced works for LEIMAY. He is currently an MFA Candidate at CalArts.




Artistic Associate

A theater creator-director-designer based in New York City. His artistic interests include working with unusual source materials, exploring technology/multimedia in performance, and honoring queer icons. Dmitri's work has been seen throughout New York at Ars Nova, 14 St Y, La MaMa, New Ohio, Cloud City, BRIC, and other hubs of experimental new work, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe. Dmitri is an Artist-in-Residence at the Playmachine Theater Lab, a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and a 2019-2020 Production Fellow at the New York Theater Workshop. BA, The New School. MFA, Columbia University.




HANNAH SAEED (she/they)

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and visual artist currently living in Jersey City. In high school, they were somehow roped into acting in Sean’s early stage productions in the early 00's and 2010's of Carrie, The Stepford Wives (which never actually premiered and got shut down for copyright infringement on opening night, but it's still a cool credit), Peter Pan and Wendy, and Liberty And Justice For All in Northern New Jersey. They have been in acting retirement ever since and probably will be forever. Currently, they design posters, book covers, business cards, and other forms of print and digital media. Drop them a line at hannahsaeedgd@gmail.com BFA: Boston University.


2021-09-18 12_22_02.028.JPG

BETH SLADE (she/her)

Creative Producing Intern


Performer and director currently in Jacksonville, FL. Beth recently graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Theatre. She loves developing new work, specifically devised pieces and productions that challenge audience/actor relationships. She is looking forward to an exciting year of collaboration and mentorship with Unattended Baggage.



NURIA HUNTER (she/her)

Artistic Associate


Nuria is a very loud and incredibly sneaky Capricorn goddess/revolutionary bird of paradise. She is a Philadelphia based poet, actor, writer, and dancer who has touched every corner of entertainment in some way. Along with Sean, she helped to devise the Philadelphia premiere of The Bed Show. When not hosting Quizzo events, she serves as the Events Director for the Nichole Canuso Dance Studio based in South Philadelphia, and writes hate poems to all of her exes.



Mae Rum Pic.jpeg

MAE RUM (she/her) 

Creative Producing Intern

 Actor, director, and interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. Having collaborated with numerous friends in DIY, indie, and punk scenes she values the use of film, media, TV, and stage to not only evoke the euphoria of suburban ennui, but to dig below and uncover the seedy underbelly of American tragedies. She is a Scorpio King and the reigning cat whisperer of South Brooklyn. She received her BA in Cinema Studies and will be actively pursuing candidacy for an MFA in Acting.

DahyunKim Photo 2.tif

DAHYUN KIM (she/they)

Marketing/Graphic Design Intern

Dahyun is a creative director, content manager, designer, and writer born and raised in South Korea and currently based in Los Angeles. She has acted as an executive producer for the indie film Since August, a digital content manager for SM Entertainment U.S. market, and production interning for KBS, a South Korean TV broadcast company. Dahyun has a wide range of experiences in the entertainment industry which has given her an intimate knowledge of media culture and resulted in a unique visual aesthetic. Dahyun is passionate about bringing cultural content into everyone's life.