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THE LOVE LETTER PLAYS is a socially distant immersive experience just in time for Valentine’s Day. These sensual (and hilarious) letters are written by Jessica Chen (NYC-based TV writer, actress, and producer), Ena Da (iconic memer @park_slope_arsonist on Instagram), and Ruthy Ferrera (Bronx born comedienne). This is a remounted version of last year’s production with a new exciting, hilarious, sensual, and interactive twist.

Each letter is a self-contained story told through different mediums guaranteed to make you laugh (and maybe make you feel something a little spicy as well). Let’s just say these are the kind of Valentine's Day letters that would make Venus and Cupid blush. Recommended for ages 18+ and contains sexual language.

The show is conceived by Sean Pollock (he/they), and is produced by Anna Capunay (she/her), Caleb Grochalski (they/them), Sean Pollock and Unattended Baggage. 

Audiences will receive all three of their letters by Valentine’s Day 2023 (tickets must be reserved by January 16, 2023).

Jessica W. Chen (Writer) is a NYC-based Taiwanese American TV writer, actor, and producer. The Legend of the Chow Chow Heroes, her TV pilot about four teens who are reincarnated Chinese mythological superheroes, won Quarter-Finalist at ISA’s 2023 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition. (she/her)

Ena Da is a Ghanaian-born Brooklyn-based writer, comedian, actor, online content creator, and video editor. With over 250K followers on social media, she has been featured/quoted in Vox, Washington Post, and the New York Times. Additionally, she has performed stand-up comedy shows in NYC including two performances at the New York Comedy Festival. (she/her)

Ruthy Ferrera (Writer) is of Dominican descent, Bronx born and bred, and has experience working behind-the-scenes in radio, TV, cable, magazines, & producing her own shows. The love of entertainment has inspired her own scented candle company, Celebriscents. (she/her)

Get love in your mailbox this Valentine’s Day! 

TICKET INFO: Must be reserved by 1/25/2023 

1 letter is $12, 2 letters is $24, all 3 letters are $30.

Reserve tickets!


CONTACT: Anna Capunay, Producer - 


Conceived, Curated & Executive Produced by Sean Pollock

Produced with Anna Capunay and Caleb Grochalski

Production Assistance provided by Anna Marcus-Hecht and Binh Phan

Written by Jessica Chen, Ena Da, Ruthy Ferrera

Graphic Design by Hannah Saeed

View Jessica Chen's play below!
Be sure to take a picture with your postcard and tag us on socials!


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