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ONE ACTS: VOLUME I includes the following programming:


Writer: Niall Estevan Martinez Ridgley, Director: Bianca Puorto


MALARKEY is a new short drama exploring the perils of love, marriage, and parenthood in a modern polarized cable news-dominated world. Carl Carlsberg and his wife Alexandra Trujillo Montez, PhD face down a tough decision as a certain conservative news network takes a shine to Carl as a potential anchorman. 

Public Servitude

Writer/Director/Producer/Sound Designer: Amr Kotb.


PUBLIC SERVITUDE is a one act play about a late 30s millennial struggling to reconcile the limitless, and highly encouraged, dreams of his childhood with the reality of adulthood.

Can You Dance To Vampire Weekend?

Written by Jimmy Berry & Directed by Rachel Sabo-Hedges.


CAN YOU DANCE TO VAMPIRE WEEKEND? Asher, a 30 year old weed dealer that lives in a garage, says yes (well, actually, he says “f*** yeah”). Eric, a 26 year old noodle, doesn’t really have a dog in this fight. When you ask him if he liked Father of the Bride, he just thinks you’re talking about a Steve Martin movie. He really just showed up at Asher’s place to buy some weed because…well, he’s not doing too well. But Asher’s got a date coming over, and he wasn’t expecting Eric, so they gotta make this quick. 


But is anything ever quick? Can You Dance To Vampire Weekend is about two people experiencing the harsh intersection of dreams and reality; of potential and production. We all want big things, but maybe the harsh truth is that we’re all just “sifting through centuries for moments of our own” (that’s a Vampire Weekend lyric - the new album is poetic tbh).

Donnie and Greg: An Unauthorized Transformative Work

Written and Directed by Sean Pollock 

DONNIE AND GREG is a new one act play centering on a blossoming gay high school romance at the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 80s, which lovingly transforms familiar elements from a famous 2001 horror/sci fi cult classic film featuring The Gyllenhaals and Drew Barrymore (you know the one) involving time travel, the music of Tears for Fears, parallel universes, paranormal orbs, and a freaky-looking bunny into a new unauthorized, transformative, theatrical work.


Diary of a Suicide

Conceived & Directed by Dmitri Barcomi, Adapted from the diaries of Andrzej Wróblewski.


In the rubble of postwar Poland, a young artist commits suicide again and again, trapped in an absurd and repetitive landscape. Andrzej Wróblewski, one of Poland’s most celebrated and shocking painters whose life was mysteriously cut short, left behind a staggering body of work never seen during his life, including a secret manuscript now exhumed onstage for the first time. 


Produced by Maeve Cunningham and Matchbox Theatre Company, Sean Pollock & Niara Sena

Associate Produced/Graphics by Alexa Powell

Production Management by Matt Palmer

Directed by Dmitri Barcomi, Amr Kotb, Bianca Puorto, Rachel Sabo-Hedges, & Sean Pollock

Written by Dmitri Barcomi, Amr Kotb, Niall Ridgley, Jimmy Berry & Sean Pollock

Photography by Conor Zaft

Public Servitude Sound Design by Amr Kotb

Donnie and Greg Costume Design by Kirsten Samanich

Donnie and Greg Assistant Costumes/Props Design by Alexandra Endres

Donnie and Greg Scenic/Props Design by Hannah Tarr

Donnie and Greg Movement/Intimacy Coaching by Caiti Lattimer

Donnie and Greg Sound Design by Noah Green

Donnie and Greg Musical Direction/Stage Management by Colston Rienhoff

Diary Of A Suicide Dramaturgy by Michael Landes

Diary Of A Suicide Scenic Design by Mengyi Liu


Amr Kotb

Anuj Parikh

Tiffany Mellard

Sink Lindsay (Voiceover)

Keira Lal (Voiceover)

Audrey Albert (Voiceover)

Adam Heayn (Voiceover)

Peter Ferraiolo

Maria Cristina Pimiento

Sophie Brubaker

Emma Finerty

Ryan Gerberding

Sam Heath

Miciah Wallace

Axel Vera

Kelly Fuller

Sean Manucha

Mary Kate Heagerty

Jordan Richards

Josh Lau

Kyle Ahern

Ben Viagas

Adam Forward

Kierney McAllister

Noah Pyzik

R Jahan

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