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PROTECT THE PIGEONS FROM EATING USED CONDOMS is a mockumentary PSA set in 1980, whereupon a lonely, eccentric woman named Trudy (along with regular, everyday citizens) informs the public about pigeon safety–specifically, how to keep pigeons safe from choking on used condoms full of baby-making juice.


The idea for PROTECT THE PIGEONS… was inspired by Sean and Emma’s backgrounds with political canvassing and the general sense of despair, futility, and absurdism with comes with political organizing; along with the work of John Waters, Megan Stalter, Tim Robinson, vintage cartoons, old school PSAs, softcore porn of the swinging 70’s, a mailman vest Sean owned, and the ridiculous fashion trends from the late 70’s/early 80’s. At the helm of this project were non-binary, women, queer and trans people, and people of color in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This was Unattended Baggage’s first film project.


PROTECT THE PIGEONS… was filmed in two days in October and November 2021 in the Lower East Side, Ocean Hill, and Crown Heights, NYC.




Co-Written by Emma Howard and Sean Pollock

Directed, Executive Produced, and Costume Designed by Sean Pollock

Associate Costume Design provided by Mae Rum

Produced by Ira Gamerman and Niara Sena

Direction of Photography provided by/Edited by Nella Scarantino

Craft Services provided by Siena Blaw

Sound Mixed by Anastasia Goldberg

Gaffing by Divyne Harris

On Set Photography and Makeup provided by Ella Martin

Additional On Set Photography provided by Migi Pics

Production Assistance provided by Ella Martin, Mae Rum, Marty Masjeke, and Ashley Mendez

Composition by Ira Gamerman


Emma Howard

Meredith Binder

Isa Goldberg

Amr Kotb

Paige Cameron

Matty Tuzynski

Aaron Bragone

Ira Gamerman

David Jacobs

Niara Sena

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