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DONNIE AND GREG: AN UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFORMATIVE WORK is a new one act play centering on a blossoming gay high school romance at the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 80s, which lovingly transforms familiar elements from a famous 2001 horror/sci fi cult classic film featuring The Gyllenhaals and Drew Barrymore (you know the one) involving time travel, the music of Tears for Fears, parallel universes, paranormal orbs, and a freaky-looking bunny into a new unauthorized, transformative, theatrical work.

A long-time passion project of Sean Pollock's, DONNIE AND GREG was a dream-come-true that was lovingly fulfilled as part of SoHo Playhouse's "Lighthouse Series" in March 2024. An encore run was performed in ONE ACTS: VOLUME 1 at Brooklyn Art Haus May 31 - June 2, 2024.


This one-act version is only a fraction of a larger script which we hope to bring to life one day in the (near?) future. If you’re a rich person and/or college institution who wants to see the full script get brought to life, drop us a line at unattendedbaggageco [at] gmail [dot] com. 


Written & Directed by Sean Pollock

Dramaturgy & Creative Producing provided by Alexa Powell

Movement & Intimacy Coach provided by Caiti Lattimer

Music Direction/Rehearsal Stage Manager provided by Colston Reinhoff

SoHo Playhouse run Stage Managed by Carly Gilmore

Sound Designed by Noah Green

Lighting Designed by Thomas J. Donohoe II

Props & Scenic Designed by Hannah Tarr

Costume Designed by Kirsten Saminich

Assistant Costume & Props Designed by Alexandra Endress

Photography provided by Dan Wright Photography, Conor Zaft, & Sappho Hocker


Miciah Wallace

Nick Dove (SoHo Playhouse cast only)

Axel Vera

Kelly Fuller

Sean Manucha

Mary Kate Heagerty

Jac Bernhard (SoHo Playhouse cast only)

Jordan Richards

Hallie Bond (SoHo Playhouse cast only)

Josh Lau

Kyle Ahern

Ben Viagas (Brooklyn Art Haus cast only)

Adam Forward (Brooklyn Art Haus cast only)

Kierney McAllister (Brooklyn Art Haus cast only)

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