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October 9, 2022

Happy fall everyone!!

As previously reported we have plans to release PROTECT THE PIGEONS and WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU...later this year. In fact, WE'VE BEEN...EXTENDED WARRANTY has just been accepted into the NomadTV Festival and PIGEONS was given the Dr. Caligari Award with the Absurd Film Festival in Italy in addition to being accepted to the Red Film Awards in Reims, France!


This coming fall we will be producing a full production of A VERY MERRY UNAUTHORIZED CHILDREN'S SCIENTOLOGY PAGEANT Off-Broadway, which will be taped for a new streaming service (TBD) and public access TV. Read more about VERY MERRY LIVE! here. Speaking of VERY MERRY LIVE -- we're currently looking for crew members to join us, and we're casting!

VERY MERRY LIVE! will be taped live at the 14th St. Y on November 5th @ 2pm + 7pm. We will release the information as to how the public may make a free reservation to see the tapings (admission is free, with a strongly encouraged $20 donation). The special will be released on public access & a new streaming service at a later date!


We will FINALLY bring THE KINDA LATE SHOW back on November 19 at the Quincy Atom. We will also be retooling THE LOVE LETTER PLAYS with an exciting new concept, in addition to our SPRING VARIETY FUNDRAISER SHOW, a showcase of new short radio plays, and one other project comin' down the pipeline. UB is back and bigger than ever!!!

Lastly, shout out to this season's interns: Beth, Dahyun, Ella, Nathalie, & Mae! We couldn't have done it without you. Shout out to our new interns: Jacob, Binh, Corinne, Skye, Luke, and Jenna!


In addition to bringing on Anna Capunay as our Managing Director (she's handling all that hard cold $$$$$$$), we've brought on Caleb Grochalski as our Marketing & Producing Liaison, Roshan Singh Sambhi as our Literary Manager, & Michelle Chan as our Literary Associate! Having a literary team is super new for us, so keep your eyes peeled for submissions for our upcoming Radio Play Writers Group--the fist of its kind--which will launch this fall and begin meeting this winter in 2023!

Here's to many more good times ahead.

Stay tuned for more!



Backstage at AMERICAN JUGGALO (2019) at Here Arts Center in simpler before times.



Release of PROTECT THE PIGEONS FROM EATING USED CONDOMS by Sean Pollock and Emma Howard, a short film. TBA.


THE KINDA LATE SHOW, a monthly comedy show. 11/19 @ 7:30pm @ The Quincy Atom, 181 Quincy St, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

A VERY MERRY UNAUTHORIZED CHILDREN'S SCIENTOLOGY PAGEANT - LIVE! by Kyle Jarrow (based on a concept by Alex Timbers), an NBC-live style musical broadcast taped Off-Broadway. 

Taping at the 14th St Y @ 344 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003 on 11/5 @ 2 & 7pm. Streaming details TBD.

THE LOVE LETTERS PLAYS by TBD, a series of socially-distant plays told through the letters.

RADIO PLAY WRITERS GROUP SHOWCASE by TBD, exactly what it sounds like--a live showcase of new radio plays with live foley effects.

SPRING FUNDRAISER, a variety show, details TBD.