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August 28th, 2023

Hello, everyone!

A major shout out to the cast of COWL GIRL this summer. Our show was a critical success and we couldn't have done it without the support of our community. Shout out to our incredibly wonderful cast and crew. Between COWL GIRL and THE BED SHOW, we've had an awesome #OffBroadwaysummer.

At this time, Unattended Baggage will be on hiatus in terms of actively producing projects until further notice. This is not a hard stop by any means, we're simply taking time to reset and reassess what we can take on as a company. We've had six amazing years as a collective, and we want to continue to bring quality work to our audiences--we just need a little bit of time to figure out how to do that in a better way in what is arguably a challenging economic landscape for the arts alongside the current writers/SAG strike as well (which we support wholeheartedly!)  


In the mean time, we will be releasing more information on the public release of our indie film projects such as PROTECT THE PIGEONS & WE'VE BEEN...EXTENDED WARRANTY in the coming months.

Please stay tuned for updates, and thanks everyone for all of your support. :)


Sean Pollock

Artistic Director/Co-Founder, Unattended Baggage

Yessenia Rivas in COWL GIRL (2023), written by Anna Capunay and directed/designed by Sean Pollock. Photography by Jonaya Riley.

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