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WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU ABOUT YOUR CAR’S EXTENDED WARRANTY centers around an ominous voice message from a phone scammer which compels mild-mannered nerd Adam Undergrove to take the biggest risk of his life so far: tracking down who is behind those infuriating extended warranty spam calls, and putting an end to them once and for all.

…EXTENDED WARRANTY is a dramedy/mystery/thriller inspired by the massive influx of robocalls during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically, the “extended warranty” spam calls. Sean becoming fascinated with the idea of trying to figure out who was behind making these calls on the end of the phone. Additional inspiration for WARRANTY included the TV shows SEARCH PARTY, BORED TO DEATH, MONK and the comedy videos of Please Don’t Destroy.

This project featured a diverse cast and crew in front of and behind the camera including queer people, women, trans and non-binary people, people of color, and people with disabilities in front of and behind the camera. This pilot involved undergrad and grad students from LIU Brooklyn, Medgar-Evans College, and Wagner College. This was Unattended Baggage’s first pilot for television--and we hope to produce more episodes in the future! 


…EXTENDED WARRANTY was filmed in four days in November and December 2021 in East Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, and Fort Greene. This was a co-production between LIU Brooklyn and UB, which also served as a final project for Sean’s web series/new media project at LIU-Brooklyn. This project also featured both physical and digital transmedia elements (the physical elements included replicas of the on-screen props "How To Tell If She's Faking It" book that a stranger on the subway holds, along with the "Finnish Phish" box that Conrad holds in the park scene. Students from LIU Brooklyn Co-Hort XII at The TV Writers Studio got to actually interact with these props, as documented in the above pictures).


However, anyone can even explore Adam’s google drive, Ned’s Instagram, and Conrad’s blog with these three fun transmedia elements!

Curious how the rest of the show would turn out? Read the series bible here. If you’re a rich person who wants to back the rest of the series or if you know a rich person who wants to back the rest of the series, drop us a line at unattendedbaggageco [at] gmail [dot] com. 




Created by/Showrunning provided by Sean Pollock

COVID Compliance and Production Design provided by Sean Pollock

Directed by Brian Gurien

Direction of Photography provided by/Edited by Katy Frame

Sound Mixing provided by Jill Valenzano

Gaffing provided by Shon Rabinowitz

Production Assistance provided by Mae Rum, Nathalie Gregorie, Rexie Jones, and Sam Roberts

On Set Photography provided by Vindhya Gupta and Nathalie Gregorie


Zachary Sherry

Brianna Joy Ford

Jelani Pitcher

Aakash Jagdale

Roxy Schiebergen

Jordan Ho​

Becky Ann Baker

Anna Rock

Rockella Sanon

Sean Casey Flanagan 

Frederique Yasuda

Christopher Sturrup

James Koster

Marty Masjeke

Liz Jones

Will Gary

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