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A darkly funny and entertaining evening featuring the songs of the Obie Award-winning cult classic A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant: In Concert, an unforgettable celebration of Kyle Jarrow’s (with material by Alex Timbers) brilliant re-envisioning of a traditional Christmas pageant, which features E-Meters, Xenu, and L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics. Experience incredible songs such as “Hey! It’s A Happy Day,” “Science Of The Mind,” and “Rain” like never before! Featuring an all-star cast of Broadway and New York’s most exceptional young talent, you’ll have an unforgettable Scientology-packed experience at this concert—it’s out of this world.

I first discovered A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant when I directed my friend Ali Klein, who played the original Angel character, back in 2008. This all came back to me when I was in college in 2014 when the documentary Going Clear came out. I listened to the score on Youtube and found myself hooked. As someone with a strong background in directing horror, science fiction, and a general interest in the occult and the psychology of cults; I knew I had to direct this piece. But the opportunity to make it happen was worth the wait. I saw a show at 54 Below in 2017 that I absolutely adored. I flagged down Jennifer Tepper sometime after and begged her to let me direct something there, and after an initial meeting, concluded that this was the show to go with. I was so hungry to breathe life into this piece again—as it hadn’t been heard in the city since 2006. When she said yes and put me in touch with the right people, magic started happening. The rest is history.


Directed + Designed by Sean Pollock


Music Direction by James Healy


Produced by Alyssa Berdie

with Jamison Daniels and Andrew Rubenbauer


Jake Berman (Pippin Tour)
Henry Berry (Newsies)
Chloe Bryan (School of Rock)
Ashleigh Conner (Annie Warbucks)
Christian Conner (The Met Opera)
Sophie Knapp (Once, Les Miserables)
Mehret Marsh (Lion King)
Presley Ryan (Fun Home)
Ava Swinton (Annie Warbucks)
Jeremy T. Villas (Kinky Boots)
Timothy Yang (The King and I) 


The Green Room 42 (2018)

Feinstein's/54 Below (2017)