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THE BED SHOW is an immersive site-specific talk show where participation is strongly encouraged! Join co-hosts Sean Pollock and Nuria Hunter as they cover all things "bed culture:" the history of beds, bed horror stories, the mattress industry to personal relationships to beds, sleep, love, sexuality, and intimacy. Think of it as the sleepover party you never had. An unforgettable night of intimate storytelling that brings the audience into the experience through a series of different games and personal monologues. A show made for queers, by queers, just in time for pride. Trust us, this is not your mother's talk show.

"We all sleep. We all have lifelong relationships with our beds and the spaces where we rest. Most people experience love, intimacy, and sex, too. All of these things are a part of what we call "bed culture", which Nuria and I dive into exploring head on (or should we say, bed on?). The Bed Show is an immersive storytelling sleepover party--part storytelling show, part sleepover, part fun, part serious--and 100% good time. This is a show for anyone who has ever slept, ever laid down, ever dreamed, and for anyone who has close relationships in their life: be it platonic, romantic, or familial. This piece is a hilarious, candid look into me and Nuria's lives as performers and as people that celebrates the voices of a Black queer woman and a fat queer white person, that has something for everyone." -Creator, Sean Pollock

The Bed Show premiered Off-Off Broadway the summer of 2018 in New York City with Sean Pollock and Jon Schuta, directed by Hana Mastrogiacomo, produced by Alyssa Berdie and Unattended Baggage.


In 2019, another rendition of The Bed Show was a part of Title:Point's SalON!: I Am A Beast With Eyes On All Four Sides with Pollock and Emma Howard in Brooklyn, NY. 

In 2020, the show was completely re-constructed and had a successful run in Philly Theatre Week where it was lauded as one of the "Ten Picks For Philly Theatre Week".

In 2021, an excerpt was performed at the Friday The 13th Comedy Show at Shovel Bar, NYC.

In 2023, the show was revived in Philly Theatre Week and received an Off Broadway premiere at Soho Playhouse, NYC.

The Bed Show is currently UB's longest-running show and has been performed 22 times.


Conceived by Sean Pollock

featuring contributing material by Carly Bodnar (2023), Nuria Hunter (2020-present), Emma Howard (2019), and Jon Schuta (2018) 


Originally Directed by

Hana Mastrogiacomo (2018). Current direction by Carly Bodnar (2023).

Originally Produced by

Alyssa Berdie (2018).

Marketing provided by Schloss Marketing Solutions.


Off-Broadway, Soho Playhouse, NYC (2023).

Philly Theatre Week (2023)

Excerpt performed in Spooky Friday The 13th Comedy Show (2021)

Philly Theatre Week (2020)

Excerpt performed in SalON!: I Am A Beast With Eyes On All Four Sides at JACK in Brooklyn, NY (2019)

Off-Off-Broadway premiere, New York, NY (2018)

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