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COWL GIRL by Anna Capunay is a queer superhero rom-com centering around themes such as chosen family, grief, mental illness, agrophobia, queerness, and geek/cosplay subculture. The play was originally developed by Dramatic Question Theatre in NYC 2013 and was turned into a web series pilot in 2014 in Chicago by Carlos Lorenzo Garcia and Aric Jackson which you can view here.


What made our production unique was that this version became back-dated (the show was originally set when it was written in 2013, while this version was set in 2004) and the romance between the two main characters (who were originally written as a cisgender heterosexual people, with room for ambiguity) was intentionally re-written as a queer “transbien” (trans/lesbian) relationship between Cowl Girl and Alex, with Alex being played by an AMAB non-binary femme individual. Additionally, the character of Cowl Girl’s best friend, Tabby–who only existed in the pilot version–was included in the stage version.


Synopsis: Cowl Girl always wears a Batman cowl, masking herself from the outside world. Will her friend, Jason and the intriguing nephew of her arch-enemy, Alex, be able to get her to break out of her shell? If you like 80's pop culture, Pee-wee Herman, sci-fi, and comic book heroes, then this is the show for you! This is a love letter to kids who grew up in the 80's and remember what real cartoons, music, and super heroes were like back in the day. 


A small Encores! At City Center-styled industry script-in-hand workshop with some design elements was held at LIU Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NYC in April 2022. We hope to mount this production in the future, so drop us a line if you’re a rich person who wants to help us make it happen as a full-on production!


View our digital program for COWL GIRL here.


Written by Anna Capunay

Directed and Designed by Sean Pollock

COVID Compliance and Stage Management provided by Nathalie Gregorie

Live-streaming provided by Transcend Streaming and Hyacinth Ramsay


Azende Johnson, Amr Kotb, Lily Randall, and Yessenia Rivas as Cowl Girl.​


LIU Brooklyn (workshop, 2022).

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